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- Nickname: Coco

- Years in industry: Double digits!

- Hobbies / sports: Dancing, snowboarding & kangoo-ing
around town (they look like weird boots with springs, I run
in them & make friends join me).

- Pets / kids: I Have TRIPLETS 2 boys, Blake & Jackson & 1
princess named Charlie. Pets- Chickens & a Labradoodle
named Teddy

- One thing people don't know about you: Gosh I tell people
everything about me but.... hmmm....I may come across
tough but I get emotional about things & cry easily & often
(water proof mascara is my friend) !

- Artists that inspire you: J lo, MJ, Janet Jakson, I love hip
hop & anything with sick beats!

- Vacation spot: Maui & Cabo!

- Motto or tag line: With God & my family by my side
ANYTHING is possible!






Loco Cycle
22431 Antonio Pkwy, Suite B-190
Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca 92688




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