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- Nickname: Joe

- Years in industry: I have been involved in health
and fitness since starting CrossFit in 2012, but my
journey wasn't in full effect till I came to Loco!

- Hobbies /sports: I like to go to the beach, hang
out with friends, travel to cool places, and go to
the gym in my free time

- Pets/kids: I have one dog named Koda

- Name one thing most people don't know about
you: Most people don’t know that I come from a
very large family of nine.

- Artists that inspire you: MJ

- Favorite vacation spot: My favorite place to
vacation is anywhere with good people and a nice
view. Lake Mead is the go-to spot for my family.

- Motto or personal Tagline: Everybody starts
somewhere, it’s never too late to partake in the
journey to becoming a better you.






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